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Currently based in Rochester, MN, Katherine is an emerging ceramic artist who works with a variety of clay bodies, focusing on earthenware. Katherine enjoys experimenting with texture, slip trailing and alterations in her work.

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Katherine Smither, George Pottery

Art has always been something that has consumed me. I feel constantly driven to create. Ceramics is the art form that has most allowed me to explore my thoughts in a more tactile way and to express my creativity in a challenging and rewarding way. I love clay not only because of its versatility but also because of its forgiving nature. It allows you to stretch and push the boundaries and to start over when you have gone too far. In the beginning I had a very specific plan of what I wanted my piece to look like when I finished. The more I threw I soon realized that this was easier said than done but also not necessary. While clay gives you several opportunities to start over it can also teach you how to listen to your hands and to your emotional responses to your piece if you let it.

Throughout the past eight years my work has evolved from strictly geometric and architectural shapes to curved and more organic forms. Although my work has changed throughout the years I still like the clean lines and even proportions. I experiment with slip trailing and sgraffito. I love the complicated patterns of Mehndi wedding art and lace. I love the concept of simple forms with very detailed designs to really encourage the pot to be picked up. I intend an intimate function for each piece that I make. They are to become a part of your life. Once while in school I was visiting a museum and while there I was told that the average person spends about three seconds per work of art but if they are interested, about seven seconds.  In each piece that I make I try to not only earn those extra four seconds but also to give the viewer a reason to fall in love.  

I throw mostly with a mid-fire red earthenware clay body because of its rich, creamy color and plasticity. I will also throw with a white stoneware clay body have recently come to appreciate the complexity and stubbornness of porcelain. I bisque my pieces to cone 04 and I glaze fire my pieces in an electric kiln to cone 5.

Artist Statement


Katherine E. Smither

b.1986, USA

Currently lives and works in Rochester, MN

Georgepottery86@gmail.com | www.georgepottery.com


Katherine E. Smither is an emerging ceramic artist who works with a variety of clay bodies but mostly earthenware. Katherine experiments with texture, slip trailing and alterations in her work and currently does electric firings to Cone 5.


Berea College, Bachelor of Arts, Art History, 2009

Studied Under:

Walter Hyleck

Tina Gebhart

Selected Exhibitions

2014   14th Annual National Juried Cup Show, Downtown Gallery, Kent, Ohio

2013   Tributaries, Phipps Center for the Arts, Hudson, WI

2013   Group Exhibit, Larson Art Gallery, St. Paul, MN

2013   “Coffee, Tea, or…?”, Terra Incognito Studios, Oak Park, IL

2012   The Venue, The Creative Salon, Rochester, MN

2012   Poet and Artist Collaboration, Crossings at Carnegie, Zumbrota, MN

2009   Group Exhibit, Berea College, Berea, KY


Private Collection, Kentucky

Private Collection, Rochester, MN

Artist CV